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Butter Substitutes

The Best Store-Bought Dairy-Free Butter Alternatives


Butter substitute on dish
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Butter is one dairy product that is quite possibly the most frequently used in many classic cooking and baking recipes, so finding a substitute that works well is important! Here is a list of some of my favorite dairy-free butter alternatives that can be found at health food stores and large grocery chains alike:

Best dairy-free butter stick:

  • Willow Run Soybean Margarine by Shedd's
    • This soy margarine is my favorite butter alternative for everything from baking recipes to sauces. (For more information on dairy-free baking, check out my article on Baking without Butter)
  • Earth Balance Natural Buttery Sticks
  • Best All-Around Substitute:

  • Nutive Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
    • I use coconut oil for everything, from baking to stove-top cooking to spreading on my toast. It's healthy, rich, and tastes delicious.

    Best Dairy-Free Buttery Spreads:

  • Earth Balance Margarine Natural Buttery Spread
  • Earth Balance Organic Whipped Spread
  • Smart Balance Light Buttery Spread
  • Best Dairy-free Shortening

  • Spectrum Organic Shortening
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