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Dessert Sauces & Frostings

Sauces and frostings are the finale to any fabulous dessert, adding that little extra something to cakes, pies, ice creams and puddings. Look through these lactose free recipes to dress up your dairy free desserts for any occasion.

Blueberry Topping
Blueberry Topping. A vegan blueberry topping recipe for topping cakes, pies or serving with dairy-free frozen treats! Easy to make and easy to eat!

Buttercream Frosting (Dairy-Free, Egg-Free, Vegan)
This dairy-free egg-free buttercream frosting recipe takes the non-dairy cake! Easy to make and even easier to eat, this dairy free buttercream frosting recipe is perfect for lactose-free cakes, cupcakes and other dairy-free desserts.

Caramel Sauce
Caramel Sauce is one indulgence that should not be denied the dairy-free! This dairy free, vegan recipe for Caramel Sauce is easy and lower in fat and cholesterol than traditional recipes. Try this lactose free Caramel Sauce recipe for a dessert sauce that is deliciously dairy-free!

Chocolate Frosting
This vegan chocolate frosting recipe is dairy-free, egg-free and so easy to make! Perfect for frosting dairy-free cakes, vegan cupcakes and other lactose-free desserts, this vegan chocolate frosting recipe takes the cake!

Chocolate Hazelnut Frosting
Dairy-Free Chocolate Hazelnut Frosting Recipe. This dairy-free frosting recipe combines chocolate and hazelnut flavors for a sweet topping you'll make again and again for dairy-free cakes and cupcakes.

Chocolate Syrup
A dairy-free chocolate syrup recipe that's easy, quick and requires no cooking! Try this dairy free chocolate syrup recipe over dairy free desserts like non-dairy ice cream or as a sweet topping to your lactose-free pancakes!

Coconut Frosting
Dairy-Free Coconut Frosting Recipe. This vegan coconut frosting recipe is the coconut frosting for dairy-free, lactose-free and vegan diets that love frosting!

Coffee Frosting
Dairy-Free Coffee Frosting Recipe. This coffee frosting recipe is an easy frosting recipe made with coffee.

Dark Chocolate Ganache
Vegan Chocolate Ganache. This vegan chocolate ganache recipe makes a dark chocolate ganache using coconut milk instead of heavy cream.

Dairy Free Cream Cheese Frosting (Vegan)
Looking for a cream cheese frosting recipe that's dairy free and vegan? This dairy-free, egg-free frosting recipe is great for carrot cakes, cupcakes, gingerbread and other quick breads, and it is delcious without using dairy or eggs! Try this non-dairy Cream Cheese Frosting recipe for your dairy free desserts!

Lemon Buttercream Frosting
Vegan Lemon Buttercream Frosting. This vegan buttercream frosting recipe is so easy to make, perfect for vegan cupcakes and cakes for dairy-free and vegan diets.

Light Swiss Meringue Frosting
Light Swiss Meringue Frosting. This light swiss meringue frosting recipe is a great dairy-free frosting recipe for dairy free cakes and cupcakes, and it's so much lighter than swiss meringue recipes that call for butter or cream cheese.

Orange Cream Cheese Frosting (Dairy-Free, Vegan)
This dairy-free orange cream cheese frosting recipe makes a vegan orange cream cheese frosting you'll make again and again. After all, there are dairy-free frostings and there are delicious dairy-free frostings! (Vegan orange cream cheese frostings, too!)

Peanut Butter Frosting
Dairy-Free Peanut Butter Frosting. For dairy-free peanut butter and frosting lovers, this dairy-free peanut butter frosting takes the dairy free cake!

Pumpkin Frosting
Vegan Pumpkin Frosting. This dairy-free pumpkin frosting recipe is perfect for dairy-free and vegan cakes and cupcakes, prepared with pumpkin puree and all vegan ingredients.

Rich Chocolate Frosting
Looking for a dairy free recipe or vegan recipe for chocolate frosting? This lactose free, egg free frosting recipe is incredibly rich and easy to make! Thie frosting is the perfect finish for your lactose free cakes, dairy free cupcakes, vegan cookies and just about anything that needs some extra chocolate or sweetness! This dairy-free Chocolate Frosting recipe is the icing on the cake!

Royal Icing
Royal Icing. Royal Icing is a simple icing prepared with confectioners sugar and meringue powder that is perfect for icing sugar cookies, glueing together gingerbread houses, or decorating dairy-free cakes and cupcakes. And, good news--it's totally dairy-free!

Strawberry Frosting
Vegan Strawberry Frosting. This vegan strawberry frosting recipe is one of the easiest strawberry frosting recipes, and it's dairy-free and vegan!

Strawberry Meringue Frosting
This dairy free recipe for Strawberry Meringue Frosting takes the dairy-free cake! Great for dairy free kids' birthday parties, frosting non-dairy cupcakes or toppping lactose free cakes, this dairy-free strawberry frosting recipe is sure to please every palate!

Tomato Frosting
Tomato Frosting Recipe. Ever heard of tomato frosting? This tomato frosting recipe is a vegan, dairy-free frosting recipe that uses tomatoes to achieve a nice pink color without any artificial dyes!

Vanilla Frosting
This dairy-free vanilla frosting recipe is also vegan and low-fat, perfect for a variety of allergies and diets! This lactose free recipe uses soy yogurt and soymilk powder to substitute the butter or margarine typically found in frosting recipes. Try this non-dairy vanilla frosting recipe for your dairy free desserts!

Vanilla Icing
This vanilla icing recipe is easy to make, dairy-free and egg-free! Perfect for icing cakes, cupcakes and muffins, this vanilla icing takes only minutes to make.

Vegan Buttercream Frosting
Vegan Buttercream Frosting. For vegan cakes and cupcakes, this vegan buttercream frosting recipe is quite literally the icing on the cake! Rich, creamy, and ready in just minutes, you'll come back to this buttercream recipe again and again.

Vegan Caramel
This vegan caramel sauce recipe is dairy-free, egg-free and delicious, prepared with coconut milk instead of cream or other dairy products. For a lactose-free, vegan sweet sauce for nondairy desserts or fruit, this vegan caramel recipe is always a welcome treat!

Vegan Coconut Frosting
Vegan Coconut Frosting. This dairy-free coconut frosting recipe is also vegan and gluten-free and it makes some of the most delicious coconut frosting ever.

Vegan Dark Chocolate Frosting
Vegan Dark Chocolate Frosting. This vegan chocolate frosting is one of the richest dairy-free frostings you'll try, and it's so simple to make. Finish your vegan cakes and cupcakes with dark chocolate frosting that everyone, vegan or not, will love!

Vegan Ganache
Looking for a vegan ganache recipe? This non-dairy chocolate recipe is great for toppings for cakes, mousses, brownies and other dairy free desserts! Try this lactose free recipe for ganache for devils food cake, brownies and more!

Vegan Whipped Cream
Vegan Whipped Cream. This dairy-free whipped cream recipe is perfect for vegan desserts or for those with a dairy allergy or intolerance to lactose. Prepared with coconut milk instead of heavy whipping cream, this vegan whipped cream recipe is healthier, too!

White Frosting
Looking for a white frosting recipe that's lactose free? This dairy free white frosting recipe is creamy, sweet and delicious, not to mention vegan! Try this dairy-free white frosting with your dairy free cakes, cupcakes and cookies!

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