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Sauces, Dressings & Marinades

Sauces and marinades are important components to any dish; they have the ability to carry the flavor of a meal and add color to the table. These dairy-free recipes are no exception; they give food both flavor and flair and can dress up even the simplest meal.
  1. Condiments & Chutneys (25)
  2. Cream & Savory Sauces (14)
  3. Sweet Sauces & Frostings (29)

Creamy Ranch Dressing
This dairy-free ranch dressing recipe is an easy, quick way to prepare a lactose-free ranch dressing at home. With fresh and dried herbs and the goodness of soy, this non-dairy creamy ranch dressing is a great way to dress up your dairy-free salads.

Creamy Raspberry Salad Dressing
This creamy dairy-free raspberry salad dressing recipe is a delicious healthy way to dress up a simple mixed greens salad for lactose-free, egg-free and vegan diets.

Dairy-Free Creamy Mild Cheese Sauce Recipe
Eat a dairy-free diet but love creamy cheese sauces? Try this Creamy Mild Cheese Sauce Recipe to curb your craving! Creamy, milky and dairy-free, this sauce is great over pastas and macaroni, vegetables and potato dishes!

Easy Dairy-Free Cheese Sauce for Nachos, Fries & More
Dairy-free but love cheese? This Easy Dairy-Free Cheese Sauce recipe requires few ingredients and little time to prepare and is a delicious vegan and non-dairy substitute for traditional cheese sauces. Use with nachos, cheesy fries, snacks, appetizers and even burgers!

Light Goddess Dressing
This goddess dressing recipe is dairy-free, vegan and lower in fat and calories than traditional goddess dressing recipes and store-bought varieties. Light goddess dressing is great for salads and many other dairy free and vegan meals.

Pasta Salad with Light Lemon-Parsley Vinaigrette
This pasta salad recipe is dairy-free and vegan, prepared with a light lemon and parsley vinaigrette, shredded cabbage, cucumbers, black sesame seeds and clementine wedges. A healthy solution for the dairy-free, vegans, and low-fat diets.

Need a Dairy Free Tzatziki Recipe to go with your falafel? This lactose free recipe for tzatziki sauce is not only dairy-free but vegan too! Try this non-dairy tzatziki sauce for your falafel or other spicy foods that need a nice, cool as a cucumber, dairy-free sauce that both lactose free kids and adults will enjoy!

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