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Dairy-Free Fish & Seafood Recipes

These dairy-free recipes are easy and quick to prepare for luncheons or weeknight meals and enhance the fresh tastes from the sea.

Baked Coconut-Crusted Salmon
Baked Coconut Crusted Salmon. This easy baked coconut crusted salmon recipe is suited for dairy-free, gluten-free and paleo diets, but it's so delicious and rich in flavor, that everyone will love it! Prepared with king salmon and shredded coconut, and served with a side of broccolini.

Baked Salmon with Fresh Cherry Sauce
Baked Salmon with Fresh Cherry Sauce. This delicious recipe is dairy-free, but with baked salmon, fresh cherry sauce, and sauteed bok choy, you won't miss a thing.

Blackened Halibut Tacos
Blackened Halibut Tacos. This blackened halibut tacos recipe is fresh and simple to prepare, and it's both dairy-free and gluten-free, so everyone can enjoy! Prepared with blackened halibut, brown rice, lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, and guacamole, who can say no?

Cioppino. Cioppino, the famous San Franciscan fish soup, is both healthy and delicious, prepared with several types of shellfish and fish in a lightly spiced tomato-based broth. This simple cioppino recipe is as delicious as one you'd find in San Francisco restaurants, and although the ingredient list might seem long, this Cioppino recipe is...

Citrus Red Snapper in Coconut Sauce
Looking for a fish entree recipe that's dairy-free and delicious? This dairy free recipe braises Red Snapper fillets in white wine, lemon juice, scallions and cilantro and serves the fillets in a savory lactose free coconut sauce with finely ground almonds for taste and texture. Try this dairy free entree recipe for an easy and elegant meal!

Creamy Lemon Shrimp Risotto
Creamy, lemony, and tasting of the sea, this risotto combines the delicacy of shrimp with naturally creamy arborio rice and wine for richness. If you're looking for a delicious dairy-free entree for a special dinner or a weeknight treat, try this Creamy Lemon Shrimp Risotto!

Dill Salmon Cakes
This dairy-free seafood entree recipe is both fun and elegant. It can easily be served at a fancy meal, first course or family style with a dipping sauce. If you're looking for something dairy free that's easy to make and fun to eat, you need to try this recipe.

Fish Tacos
Looking for a fish tacos recipe? This dairy-free recipe for fish tacos is prepared with white fish and a creamy dill sauce for a flavorful and fun lactose-free meal that both dairy free kids and non-dairy adults will enjoy! For a tasty treat from the sea, try this dairy-free fish tacos recipe!

Grilled Salmon with Tomato Compote
Grilled Salmon with Tomato Compote Recipe. This grilled salmon recipe is one of the best salmon recipes you'll make, prepared with a sun-dried tomato compote and salmon fillets.

Halibut Ceviche
Halibut Ceviche. This halibut ceviche recipe is my favorite ceviche!

Linguine with Clam Sauce
Dairy Free Clam Sauce with Linguine! Looking for a linguine with clam sauce recipe that is dairy-free, egg-free and delcious for both dairy free kids and adults? This dairy free linguine with clam sauce is quick and easy to prepare but also elegant to present, which makes it perfect for family dinners as well as formal dinners. parties.

Poached Salmon with Ginger Sauce
Looking for a recipe for Poached Salmon? This dairy free entree is fit for kids and adults, special occassions and everyday meals. With a mild and sweet non-dairy Ginger Sauce, this dairy-free flavorful poached salmon recipe will impress and satisfy any seafood lover!

Spicy Grilled Halibut with Fresh Mango Salsa
Spicy Grilled Halibut with Mango Salsa. This grilled halibut recipe is suitable for dairy-free, gluten-free, and paleo diets, and it's easy enough to whip up on a weeknight. Prepared with halibut, a simple spice rub, and a fresh mango salsa.

Tuna Casserole
This tuna casserole recipe takes this classic to new dairy-free heights! This delicious dairy-free tuna casserole replaces the traditional cream-of-mushroom soup with a sauce made with a dried mushroom sauce, soy and vegetables for a lactose free casserole recipe that is perfect for dairy free kids and adults! Try this dairy free recipe for tuna noodle casserole for nostalgia and taste!

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