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Vegan Root Beer Float


Vegan Root Beer Float

Vegan Root Beer Float.

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It's not hard to make a root beer float vegan or dairy-free these days--just find a good quality root beer and your favorite dairy-free vanilla ice cream, and voila! For an extra kick, adults can even add a splash of bourbon to their dairy-free floats.

Yield: 4 root beer floats


  • 1 pint dairy-free vanilla ice cream
  • 2 12-ounce bottles good quality root beer


1. Chill 4 float glasses or wine glasses in the freezer for an hour to overnight. (This step is optional, but it adds an extra special touch!)

2. Place about 1/2 cup dairy-free vanilla ice cream in the bottom of each of the glasses. Slowly pour the root beer on top of the dairy-free ice cream, allowing some of the foam to go down before topping them off. Serve immediately and enjoy!

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