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Dairy-Free Glossary

From albumin to whey protein, here you'll find definitions for dairy and dairy-free terminology, from ingredients to health terms.

Agar Agar
What is Agar Agar? A definition of Agar Agar, as well as information on how to use Agar Flakes and Agar Powder in recipes for cooking and baking. Recipes that use Agar Flakes and Agar Powder for dairy-free recipes and vegan recipes.

Agave Nectar
What is agave nectar, also known as agave syrup? Look here for information on agave syrup, as well as recipes that use this healthy alternative sweetener.

What exactly is baking? Look here for how to properly bake foods as well as a definition of baking as a cooking technique and dairy free baking recipes for lactose free entrees, desserts and more!

Wondering what all of the fuss is about calcium? Look here for an in-depth definition of this important mineral including information on where it can be found, what different types exist and what it does.

Carrageenan. What is carrageenan and how is it used? Look here for a definition of the food additive carrageenan.

So what is casein, exactly? Check here for a definition of the milk protein and examples of how it is used.

Cocoa Butter
Cocoa Butter-- what is cocoa butter? Look here for a definition of cocoa butter, as well as information on it's ingredients and uses.

Wondering what lactose is, exactly? Look here for a definition of the sugar component in milk and dairy products.

Lactose Intolerance
What is lactose intolerance? Look here for a definition of lactose intolerance, along with a list of symptoms, links to lactose free recipes and more!

Nutritional Yeast
So what is nutrtional yeast? If you're new to the dairy-free diet, look here for information on this dairy-free cooking staple ingredient.

Poaching is a healthy and easy way to prepare a variety of foods.If you're wondering what poached eggs are, how to poach eggs, how to make poached salmon, poached pears or just want a definition of poaching as a cooking method, look here.

Wondering what seitan is? Look here for an definition on what it is, how it is made and where you can find it.

Stevia. What is stevia? Look here to find out what stevia is, how it is used and more!

Whey. What is whey? If you're wondering what whey protein is, look here for definition of the dairy product to get you on your merry dairy-free whey.

Xanthan Gum
Xanthan Gum - a definition of xanthan gum. What is xanthan gum? Here you'll find out what it is, how to use xanthan gum in recipes and cooking and where you can find xanthan gum.

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