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Dairy-Free Recipes, Ingredients and Cooking tips


Learning to cook for the dairy-free diet can be challenging at first as there are many things to consider, from learning new lactose-free recipes to recognizing dairy-derived ingredients on nutrition labels. Explore these dairy-free resources for cooking tips, recipes and advice on living dairy-free.
  1. Dairy-Free Diet 101
  2. Substitutes and Ingredients
  3. Dairy-Free Entertaining

Dairy-Free Diet 101

Going dairy-free or changing any aspect of your diet can be challenging with all that there is to learn with regards to ingredients, nutrition, label-reading and cooking techniques, but, like any lifestyle change, with the proper tools and time, you'll be whipping up fabulous non-dairy meals for you and your family in no time! These resources will help get you on your way to enjoying healthy, delicious lactose-free cuisine.

Substitutes and Ingredients

Substituting dairy ingredients in favorite recipes can often seem frustrating, but it doesn't have to be! These resources will help you find delicious and healthy substitutes for dairy products in your favorite recipes.

Dairy-Free Entertaining

Many people, some who are not dairy-free themselves, find themselves preparing dairy-free food for holidays and parties to accomodate lactose-free guests. Whether you're preparing a birthday celebration for a dairy-free friend, making snacks for a school party, or getting ready for a holiday celebration, these collections will give you some ideas for dairy-free entertaining so that everyone can enjoy the festive fare.

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