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Dairy-Free Recipes for Classic Favorites


Quite possibly the most difficult thing about going dairy-free is learning to cook dairy-free. Many memorable and nostalgic dishes are loaded with dairy products, and learning to replace these with non-dairy options can seem challenging, if not impossible. However, you don't need to say farewell to your favorite meals just because you've said farewell to dairy! Explore these recipes for dairy-free versions of classic favorites.
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  2. Soups
  3. Classic Sauces
  4. Entrees
  5. Pasta Classics
  1. Side Dishes
  2. Cake Classics
  3. Pies, Tarts & Cobblers
  4. Bread & Bakery Classics
  5. Kids' Classics


Nothing sets the stage for a successful party or get together quite like a beautiful spread of tasty dips and finger foods. Unfortunately, however, many classic appetizers and hors d'oeuvres rely heavily on dairy products like cream, cheese and milk, which makes things difficult for persons with milk allergies or intolerances. For your next party or get-together, browse through some of these dairy-free versions of classic appetizers to make sure that everyone can enjoy the spread.


Few dishes are as comforting and nostalgic as homemade soup, but so many classic soup recipes use some combination of butter, cream and milk, which spells only discomfort for the dairy-free. These recipe renditions of nostalgic favorites will bring warmth and comfort to your table without the dairy products but every bit of memorable flavor.

Classic Sauces

Sauces have the ability to carry a dish from mediocre to memorable, regardless of what course or style. Browse through these dairy-free sauces for new, healthier takes on many dairy-laden favorites, from savory, cream-based sauces to sweet sauces and frostings.


The defining component of most meals, entrees are quite often the dish from upon which the rest of the meal is decided. From meat and poultry dishes to vegetarian meals, look through these dairy-free recipes for your favorites.

Pasta Classics

Pasta is a staple in many classic dishes from around the world, from Italian and French Cuisine to American homecooking, but so many of these recipe favorites rely on butter, cream and cheese to carry the dish. Enjoy these dairy-free pasta favorites, which are sure to become new non-dairy classics for you and your family.

Side Dishes

Side dishes add color to your table while contributing flavors to balance out the meal. These dairy-free recipes of classic side dishes are perfect for holidays, large parties and weeknight dinners.

Cake Classics

Cake is one dessert that just screams of celebration, whether for birthdays, graduation parties, baby showers, weddings or any special occasion. Whether you're hosting a dairy-free celebration or just want to make sure that everyone can enjoy your special finale, browse through these dairy-recipes for non-dairy versions of sweet cake classics.

Pies, Tarts & Cobblers

There is something so special about a homemade pie or cobbler, and there are few desserts that communicate love and homecooking quite like these classic favorites. From autumn favorites like apple pie and pumpkin pie, to summertime sweets like cherry cobbler, these dairy-free recipes will bring back memories of holidays, family dinners and fun.

Bread & Bakery Classics

Baking homemade bread is a fun activity that friends and families can do together, and nothing will make your home feel quite as warm and inviting as a fresh loaf in the oven. These dairy-free bread and bakery recipes taste every bit as delicious as bakery-made classics, from yeast breads and rolls to quick breads.

Kids' Classics

Kids are often picky about what they eat, so finding foods for children with restrictive diets can sometimes seem like a challenge, especially if cooking for a child with multiple food allergies. Tasty, fun and nutritious, these lactose-free versions of classic kids' meals are recipes you both can feel good about!

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