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Vegan Blackout Cupcakes


Vegan Blackout Cupcakes

Vegan Blackout Cupcakes.

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This is a vegan cupcake variation of the New York Blackout Cake invented originally by Ebinger's, which consisted of dark chocolate cake layers filled and frosted with chocolate pudding and finished off with chocolate cake crumbs. This variety uses my favorite vegan dark chocolate cupcake recipe and chocolate pudding to create a decadent vegan chocolate explosion of flavor and fun that everyone, vegan or not, will love.

NOTE: These cupcakes are so much fun, but they tend to be on the messy side. If you want a slightly less-messy cupcake, feel free to ice your cupcakes with a more traditional Vegan Chocolate Frosting, which is what I often opt to do.

Yield: 20 cupcakes



1. Prepare the Vegan Chocolate Pudding according to the recipe. Allow the pudding to chill completely according to the recipe, with plastic wrap placed directly on the surface to prevent a skin from forming. (This will take about 2 hours or so to totally chill, so you will have plenty of time to prepare your cupcakes and let them chill after this.)

2. Prepare the Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes according to the recipe. Allow cupcakes to cool completely. Place four of the cupcakes into a food processor and process several times until they are whittled down into crumbs but no smaller than that. Place crumbs in a bowl and set aside.

3. Fill a pastry bag with a medium-sized plain tip with about half of the Vegan Chocolate Pudding. Place the tip into the tops of each of the cupcakes and insert about 1" into the cupcakes. Fill each with several tablespoons of pudding, so that the tops of the cupcakes crack slightly but do not overflow.

4. Use the remaining pudding to ice the cupcakes (or, as noted above, use the Vegan Chocolate Frosting filled in a fresh patry bag with whatever piping tip you desire). Top the cupcakes with the cake crumbs you've made and refrigerate the cupcakes for 1 hour before serving. Serve the cupcakes on the day they are made for best results!

If you decide to stray a bit from tradition (not that we aren't doing that already by making these vegan!), feel free to add in some other flair to your cupcakes. Top them with shredded coconut and shaved chocolate along with the cake crumbs for an extra treat.

***This recipe as written is suitable for dairy-free and vegan diets, but as with any recipe intended for persons with dietary restrictions or allergies, make sure to read the ingredients labels on all ingredients to make sure that there are no hidden dairy-derived ingredients or other allergens that apply to you.

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