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10 Ways to Cook Eggs


There's more than one way to cook an egg! And contrary to the belief of some, eggs are not dairy ingredients, so persons who have milk allergies or are lactose intolerant but do not have an allergy to eggs are able to consume eggs as a part of their diet without a problem.

This is a good thing: eggs are not only great sources of protein, vitamins and minerals, but they're delicious, however you choose to cook them.

The problem for many on the dairy-free diet is that many tasty egg recipes call for dairy ingredients like butter and cheese, but read on to see 10 of my favorite dairy-free ways to cook the amazing egg.

1. Baked Eggs

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Baked eggs, also sometimes referred to as shirred eggs, are easy and simple to prepare, and they're so lovely! Although most baked eggs recipes call for cream, butter, and cheese, this recipe is totally dairy-free, prepared with just a touch of dairy-free cream cheese, soy milk, ham, tomatoes, spinach, and chives. Feel free to experiment with different kinds of seasonal veggies and herbs, and if you have a favorite <a href="http://dairyfreecooking.about.com/od/techniquessubstitutions/tp/Best-Dairy-Free-Cheeses.htm">dairy-free cheese</a>, shred a little bit on top!

2. Deviled Eggs

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The potluck, picnic, and party dish classic, Deviled Eggs are essentially just hard-boiled eggs whose yolks have been mashed with mayo and a bit of sour cream and then topped with salt, pepper, and paprika. So with a little dairy-free sour cream, they're a cinch to make dairy-free. This recipe is my go-to for parties, get-togethers and snacks; try topping yours with different spices and herbs to change it up!

3. Egg Salad

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Eggs salads are divisive sides and sandwich-fillers; usually, people either love them or hate them. I happen to be a person who likes egg salad a lot, but only when it's a really good one.

Egg salads are almost always dairy-free; every now and then I'll come across one that has sour cream or yogurt in it, but for the most part, they're prepared with eggs, mayo and usually some veggies. Really, as long as you have a few hard-boiled eggs and a few tablespoons of mayo, you can make a tasty egg salad, just stay light on the mayo, and add a few herbs, veggies, or spices, and you'll have an egg salad that everyone will love.

This Curried Egg Salad is a favorite of mine, and, prepared with soy yogurt and low-fat mayo, it's healthier than most, too!

4. Fried Eggs

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Fried eggs take mere minutes to prepare, but they're welcome additions to almost any meal of the day. Try some of these dairy-free serving suggestions for meals that satisfy:

  • Serve fried egg on top of toast for a simple, quick breakfast.
  • Using a toasted dairy-free English muffin, fried bacon or veggie bacon, and a fried egg, make a breakfast sandwich, adding vegetables and dairy-free cheese if desired.
  • Serve fried eggs over pasta, like with this Garlic "Butter" Pasta with Eggs. (For this recipe, simply substitute the poached eggs for fried!)
  • Serve fried eggs over roasted or steamed veggies, or even over mashed potatoes.
  • Basically, almost any open-faced sandwich is fair game for fried egg topping!
  • 5. Frittata

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    A frittata is essentially a crustless quiche that is first cooked in a skillet on the stovetop and then transferred to the oven to finish cooking, giving the frittata a lovely golden brown top and an evenly cooked middile. This Dairy-Free Spinach Frittata is lighter than traditional versions, using a combination of whole eggs and egg whites, and nutritional yeast for a cheesy flavor. I prefer using a cast iron skillet for making frittatas, but any ovenproof skillet is fine!

    6. Hard-Boiled Eggs

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    Hard-boiled eggs are healthy and easy to store for quick breakfasts and snacks, and they can be used for all sorts of good things: salad toppings, eggs salads, deviled eggs, to name a few. And, if you've never made hard-boiled eggs before, it's probably easier than you think! Here's How to Make Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs every time.

    7. Omelets

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    One of the most popular brunch dishes, the omelet, is also usually loaded with dairy; essentially, traditional omelets are prepared in butter and usually also contain some sort of cheese. However, this Dairy-Free "Cheese" Omelet is just one of many dairy-free omelet recipes that, with a bit of nutritional yeast, becomes a fortifying, protein-rich, delicious meal that subtly tastes of cheese, and can be filled with any variety of fresh herbs, vegetables, meat or vegetarian meat subsitutes for brunch, lunch or dinner.

    Here are two more of my favorite dairy-free omelet recipes:
  • Dairy-Free Spanish Omelet
  • Edamame Omelet
  • 8. Poached Eggs

    Poaching is one of the simplest, healthiest ways to prepare eggs; it just takes a little bit of know-how! Poaching is merely simmering food in liquid until it is cooked through. Because eggs cook quickly, the liquid is first brought to a boil and then turned off. Then, the eggs are added and covered until cooked to the desired doneness. When poaching eggs, in order to keep the whites in tact, it helps to add a bit of vinegar to the water (about 1 t. to 2-3 cups of liquid).

    This recipe for Poached Eggs over Provencal Tomatoes is one of my favorites, combining the sweet acidity of tomatoes with the pronounced flavor of eggs to highlight the Herbes de Provence, and it is an easy and quick dairy-free recipe for any meal or side dish of the day.

    9. Quiches

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    Quiches are savory egg-based tarts of French origin, and like a lot of French food, they're typically prepared with a lot of dairy ingredients. Over the years, in the name of my love of French food and quiches, I've come up with a lot of dairy-free and vegan renditions of the classic pie, from basic dairy-free quiches to vegan crustless versions. This list contains eight of my dairy-free favorites, all of which are versatile and open for additions of whatever fresh veggies, herbs, and Dairy-Free Cheese Substitutes you have on hand. So, have fun and eat well!

    Here are just a few dairy-free favorites:

  • Basic Dairy-Free Quiche
  • Crustless Spinach Quiche
  • Dairy-Free Summer Quiche
  • Vegetable Quiche with Cornmeal Crust
  • 10. Scrambled Eggs

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    Scrambled Eggs are, in my experience, one of the most kid-friendly ways to make eggs, not to mention cheap and easy to make (and fun!), so this recipe is perfect for moms and dads of dairy-free kids! Although most traditional recipes for scrambled eggs call for butter, milk, and cheese, this one is every bit as delicious without the dairy. Feel free to add sauteed vegetables, fresh herbs, and dairy-free cheese to dress up your dish, and for extra-rich scrambled eggs, whisk in 2-3 T. dairy-free sour cream to the egg mixture!

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