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Breakfast & Brunch Recipes

Enjoy these dairy-free breakfast and brunch recipes as a delicious beginning to your weekday or as a late-morning weekend treat with family and friends.
  1. Eggs (26)
  2. Granola, Cereals, & Muesli (17)
  3. Muffins & Biscuits (23)
  4. Pancakes & Waffles (31)

Apricot Oat Bars
This dairy-free Apricot Oat Bar recipe is healthy, egg-free, vegan and perfect for rushed breakfasts or afternoon snacks. Made with nondairy, heart-heatlhy ingredients like apricots, oat bran and almonds, these are sweet, tasty and great for on-the-go mornings or as a healthier sweet.

Blueberry Oatmeal Bars
These blueberry oatmeal bars are dairy-free, vegan and so delicious! For lactose-free breakfasts or dairy-free snacks, these soft, muffin-like breakfast bars are always a nice idea for dairy free kids and adults.

Breakfast Couscous
This breakfast couscous recipe is a healthy, wholesome way to start the day. Prepared with couscous and other dairy-free ingredients, this is an easy way to add whole grains into your diet.

Breakfast Quinoa
Breakfast Quinoa. This breakfast quinoa recipe is a healthy vegan and dairy-free breakfast recipe prepared with quinoa.

Cereal Bars
This dairy-free cereal bars recipe is lactose-free, egg-free and perfect for breakfasts on the go, snacks for lactose intolerant kids, or energy-rich snacks for long hikes. Vegan, lactose-free and easy to make, these dairy-free cereal bars have it all!

Cinnamon Pop Tarts
Dairy-Free Cinnamon Pop Tarts. This homemade pop tarts recipe makes dairy-free cinnamon pop tarts that are so good, you'll think they're the cinnamon pop tarts out of the box.

Cranberry Scones Recipe
This dairy-free cranberry scones recipe is easy to make, lactose-free and so good! You'll never know that these cranberry scones contain no dairy!

Healthy Fig Bars
These delicious fig bars are dairy-free, egg-free and vegan! Perfect for both dairy free kids and lactose free adults as a healthy snack or lunchtime dessert, these healthy figs bars are one dairy-free recipe you'll make again and again.

Oat & Raisin Squares
Looking for a dairy free recipe for Oat Raisin Squares? This Oat and Raisin Square Recipe is great for dairy-free adults and lactose-free kids for breakfast, snacks or a healthy nondairy dessert! If you're looking for a vegan, egg-free, dairy-free, wheat-free Oat and Raisin Square Recipe that's also delicious, this recipe is for you!

Scrambled Tofu
Looking for a vegan scrambled tofu recipe? This dairy-free, egg-free tofu scramble recipe is gluten-free and wheat-free, too! Perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner, this scrambled tofu recipe has it all!

Vegan Strawberry Pop Tarts
Vegan Pop Tarts. This homemade vegan pop tart recipe is an easy recipe for vegan pop tarts! Make your own vegan pop tarts at home!

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